Yes! You can manage health care costs & still offer your employees competitive benefits.

Ask us how!

Health Insurance...

A vital, but increasingly costly benefit!

It's a fact of life! Working age people expect to get their health insurance coverage through their employer. How do you balance your cost versus the cost to the employee? The challenge is, lowering your cost versus paying for an incentive to retain or recruit the best people. You may be surprised at the options available to help you meet this challenge!

Partial, Self-Insured Health Insurance Plans Give You More Control...

You can do what two-thirds of the Fortune 5OO companies do!

The rules and regulations have changed. lf you have 50* or more employees, you can now access this kind of health insurance overage. The potential cost savings are significant lf your employees' actual health care benefits are less than your projected claims at the end of the year, would you turn away a refund? Not likely! With a fully funded traditional plan: Oxford, Aetna, etc., they would get the refund. With a partial, self insured plan, you get the refund. Plus, you also have the ability to fine-tune your program prior to and during its coverage without the costly regulatory mandates and burdens of fully funded insured plans. There are risks. What if your health care claims exceed your projections for the year? The solution is straightforward. These plans are "partially" self-insured. lf the plan is properly designed, it will include the purchase of catastrophic insurance which protects the employer against the costs of excessive claims over the course of the year, in a given month and attributed to an individual employee.

* lf you have fewer employees, we can still provide creative solutions.

Life, Disability, Cancer & Long Term Care Insurance...

Protect the economic well-being of employee families.

Ensure that your workers are given a chance to protect the financial health of their families! Whether company or employee paid, these low cost benefit programs are very effective tools that will help you recruit and keep talented
employees on your team.

Advanced Technology Programs...

Simplify employee benefits administration with more efficient service. Reduce staff overload.

Move your benefits program online. Today's state-of-the-art the technology delivers significant cost savings with substantial improvements in administration services. Employees will be able to access company handbooks, print needed forms and query their accounts anytime from anywhere. This can be accomplished in a secure environment.