"People can make or break a company"

When you run a business, you know the "real" meaning of this cliche!

A good employee benefits program is essential for attracting and keeping valued workers.

However, rising health insurance expenses are forcing many firms and non-profit agencies to re-examine their benefits offerings. There are cost efficient solutions available.

Ask us & expect to see a lot of Financial Benefits Inc.

Financial Benefits Inc., established in 1995, is an independent, full service employee benefits broker. It provides the following benefits and services:

As an independent broker, Financial Benefits Inc.’s mission is to design and customize benefits utilizing its creative talents suitable to the needs of the client, research and obtain proposals from the leading insurers, analyze the proposals and recommend the one that provides the most value for the least cost.

Being independent, Financial Benefits Inc.’s allegiance is to the client rather than the insurer. A client having Financial Benefits Inc. as its broker receives the same access to all of the insurance companies and their products as the largest benefit firms while being serviced directly by its principals.

Financial Benefits Inc. prides itself in offering to its clients the latest technological advancements to make the administration of the human resources department and its benefit program more efficient and employee convenient.

Gary Lefkowitz, President